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We built a home last year, we have had problems ever since. The main problem we have is with our yard.

We were told that it was graded to the standards that it was supposed to be... It sloped and looked terrible, the dirt seemed to magically disappear on a daily basis. We have a drain in the back, so we assumed that was the problem. We saw in the drain, which was always full of mud..

the whole for the drain was cut to large and the dirt was just pouring into it. We spent 6 grand trying to fix the yard, we put a patio, had to do a retaining wall, our hot tub is not level because all of the dirt under the patio has eroded into the drain. They say there is nothing wrong we were told we are *** out of luck" we dont get called back, hung up on, Bob Keeler, who is in charge of this area hangs up on us, doesnt call back etc. We had someone who said they would come out and look at that, and the walkway leading to our front porch is cracked (after a year!!) because there is no dirt under or around it, it is also eroding.

We get the run around, not called back, told its our problem. We have since contacted the BBB and gotten a lawyer. All we want is a yard. We spend 200,000 on our home and the outside is falling apart.

If you see this please think long and hard if you want to go through this drama and headache. Not worth it and wished I hadnt built.

I have attached a picture of the drain and the sidewalk. We have put dirt around the sidewalk countless times..

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: Lorain, Ohio

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Khov is the worst company to do business with. Just look at the stock priceSinking ship AraYour DFW division is a prime example of how out of touch you are with your companyMark Brown ??jimmy Brownly ??David Vanderslice ???Still running a joke of A division

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