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Here is the very worst experience we had with this home builders At ASHLEY POINTE (HOUSTON,TEXAS).

well I like to appreciate the people whoever writing the reviews about their own experiences on this big organizations, so we are getting enough information to choose these people or not. these people really care about the money, not customer satisfaction. we can only pray god to help us to get away from these kind of people IN FUTURE.

we have signed the contract with this company to build the house. when we signed the documents they don't have the correct documents. they said it is ok. and we have to sign it now or we will be paying extra $5000.00 tomorrow because of the price increase. then we found out they are doing this to all customers. and they never explained the details, which the land they building the new houses is previously designated as superfund site boundary and the people were evacuated around that land, they never explained this. but they slide the paper saying that superfund site (BRIO) is on one mile radius. and the sales agent said it is located on one mile radius away so we don't have to worry. BUT NEVER MENTIONED THEY ARE BUILDING THE HOUSE TOP OF THE SOIL WHICH IS PREVIOUSLY CONTAMINATED AND THEY DON'T HAVE ANY DOCUMENTATION THAT SOIL IS TREATED OR SAFE TO LIVE ON TOP OF IT. well they dump couple of new layer of soil to hide the contaminated soil. The lab people are saying the ground water is still contaminated. And the documents we signed is belongs to BRIGHTON HOMES, they never even explained the brighten homes and K Hovnanian homes are same. SO THAT DOCUMENT WE SIGNED IS NOT VALID.

Well I have called the area manager. and he said all the money will be retained. and i can do whatever i want but he is not going to return our money. later we found out they did these to at least 15 people who have lost their money. and we don't have any extra time to go law suit and win. they are taking this as a advantage and they are ready to meet you at the court. but we don't want to waste any extra money on hiring attorney and keep fighting with this heartless people. so we give up. GOD ONLY CAN TAKE CARE THEM HEARTLESS PEOPLE. WELL THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD BUT I DO. HE WILL TAKE CARE THEM WHEN TIME COMES.

and we found that they are trying to get rid off people before they do closing (ALWAYS TRYING TO FIND THE REASON TO GET RID OF THE PEOPLE AFTER THEY HAVE PAID EARNEST MEONEY AND SIGNED THE CONTRACT) on the house so they can suck the money towards to their company or organization account and have a big party, (FREE MONEY) like the mosquito sucking the blood from our veins.

my friend had a bad experience also, they told him to do wire transfer $40,000.00 for closing. he did and they have scheduled the closing way before the house is finished. means no power, the floors not done etc., he called them and told them he is not closing the house before he sees it complete. then they sent him the letter saying your house is cancelled and the earnest deposit and upgrade cost will be retained and service charge for the tittle company also will be kept, my friend is been stressed out and he even went to emergency because of unconsciousness, then they have called my friend and signed the new contract, and now the house is finished but they never called him for closing. he is still waiting never answered the calls. well K Hovnanian doesn't care. their organization know this already, for them there is no god or no humanity. making money is only their goal. and loosing good customers is not their worry. they can always find some good people to cheat.

so friends we can only pray god to show us good people to deal with. what else we can do. IN GOD WE TRUST. well what else can i say if i don't have a magic wand to change this people mind with god blessings.

Reason of review: superfund site..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Khovnanian Homes Cons: Lots to list please check review.

Location: Houston, Texas

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I had the BEST experience with K Hovnanian Homes in Ashley Pointe. Ter*** and Tric** made our home building an excellent experience.

We strongly recommend them.

They were very pleasant to work with, answered questions very truthfully and honestly.

Please do your research, Ashley Pointe is not building on the Superfund Site (Brio). Yes, the neighborhood is close, but the actual Superfund Site is owned by the Environmental Protection Agency which doesn't allow residential building.

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