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Update by user Jan 19, 2015

All is well and fine with our Khov complaints. It was an outright war, but our walkway and driveway was replaced and we no longer have any issues with them.

They are very good about fixing problems while you are under warranty but will try to get out of things once it expires. Although they have corrected every complaint we filed, we are still having condensation leaking through windows and the ceiling has cracks but we are going to live with it.

Update by user Dec 18, 2014

Amazingly Khov came through and replaced the walkway and driveway. It was a fight, but in the end, they did the right thing.

Update by user Jul 17, 2014

The last picture is of mushrooms growing out of our bathroom wall. Why?

because they never put sealant around the shower when then installed it and water got into the wall and come out near the molding. They did fix this, but I find it completely ridiculous that this could even happen.

Original review posted by user Jul 17, 2014

BEWARE!! They issued us a seasonal ticket telling us they would replace our driveway and our walkway in the spring well knowing we would be out of warranty.

Today I find out they are not going to honor this ticket. Google the complaints look on the BBB. They hire the cheapest contractors. Each time it rains my walkway floods and now it's cracked and another issue is that water just stands on the side of my third car garage drive and I have to get a broom and sweep it to the grass to prevent damage.

They will address the crack...I am afraid to find out what they intend to do because the proper thing would be to replace the entire walkway not just the section where it is cracked. Also, when you do have a warranty issue, they don't do an acceptable job, they suggest the easiest, cheapest fix instead of the correct way to remedy the problem. For example - we paid extra for (2) drains in our garage again, the concrete contractor put them at the high point, not the low point of the garage so you literally have to sweep water into the drain. When I complained about this, their remedy was to jackhammer it to the correct placement and fill in the nasty tracks with concrete.

Like that wouldn't look like *** or raise red flags if we went to sell the house. Also, the paint contractors scratched our hardwood floors with their paint cans and when the flooring people came, my floor wasn't replaced, they yanked up individual scratched planks and now it is gaping in places and you can feel it with your toe. Ridiculous. The wavy walls, nail pops, and the terrible job doing the trim work will make you want to cry.

Oh, and most of us that built with Khov in our development were promised a "lawn package" (which I am sure they done away with), which turned out to to be nothing more than uneven dirt barely rock hounded and sub-par grass seed thrown on top. We had to upgrade to a better seed and pay extra to get a thin layer of topsoil. Khov makes lots of promises and don't deliver. Your home will look quite different from the model home because the craftsmanship just isn't there.

Do yourself a favor.

Ask for their contractor list before you sign and check them out to see if they are reputable. Wish I did.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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My driveway was poured in all day rain and thunderstorms on June 23 2017 and its spalling , chipping and crumbling apart on the edges..as of today but they won't warrant our driveway because it's not warranted per contract. What I didn't expect was improper installation leading to this problem today.

Apparently khov buliders are the only builder that believes this is an acceptable practice in concrete driveways while every other concrete contractor has told me that they can't believe they did that. But they got to keep on schedule so they don't care about being proper. So much for their fancy slogans in the sales office and taking care of the customer. I will warn any khov buyer don't sign the contract.

Negotiate for some kind of concrete warranty 1st before you sign. Negligence = khov

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