I initially requested a move-in date of May 2016 PRIOR to learning the units lacked the appropriate sound barriers between floors. I was then presented with a contract stating my move in date was January 28, 2016, although I clearly asked for May since I would be paying rent at another location.

Tara Hickey originally stated she would seek options for buying out my lease. She also gave me the runaround when I asked for recent sales for comparison and directed me to the wrong entities and later told me the sale price would be $19,000 higher than the most recent sale. This information was provided AFTER my ability to terminate the contract of course which the corporate offices stood by. Although they kept $1,000, it was $1,000 well spent because it kept me from purchasing a cheaply bit place at $19,000 higher.

My biggest concern is Tara Hickey had no concern about putting me in a position to pay rent on my existing place and a mortgage JUST to make a sale which her corporate offices stood behind. Please if you insist on purchasing at Discovery Square, check out Ryan Homes. Although their sale price is higher, their condo fees and taxes are lower which actually result in a much lower payment for a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath versus their 2 bedroom 2 bath with KHovnanian. Ryan is a company with a solid reputation and offers more living space AND your personal garage.

But if you insist, please make sure you cover yourself because KHovnanian's they objective is to sell or at least keep your deposit and tell you whatever you need to hear in the interim. Feel free to email me at AngelaRmitchell@***.com.

I wish I'd taken the others advice. Not worth it especially when corporate stands behind shenanigans.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Khovnanian Homes Pros: Location of the building.

Khovnanian Homes Cons: Total dissatifaction, Stalling tactics to keep my deposit.

Location: Oak Hill, Virginia

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Thanks for posting your review Angela.

I was interested to purchase a condo at discovery square, after coming to know about the noise from the floors above I am no longer considering this place any more. I heard about the issue from few other forums and friends too.


Before you complain about your closing dates on your home you should probably read your contract. I'm sure there are stipulations in there regarding delays. Just another uneducated buyer who who refuses to admit their ignorance.


Angela Mitchell is unfortunately dishonest and an opportunist. Many witnesses and court soon to come.


Ryan is by no means any better, believe me, I have been around their product for 10 years. The home owner is the least respected member of the process.

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