First, to be clear I do not want this report to be consider as a "Rip-Off report.,...it sounds cheap.....like I made an on-line purchase and the product delivered was clearly not was advertised...and I returns were not allowed so I was ripped-off. .

I am just "venting" my concern in the public forum (to go on the record).

I challenge all home builders to do the right thing by first respecting the all home owners' concerns by saying "What if I were in this person's shoes"??? Ok....so each section of 26 foot driveway began to pitt 16 months after moving in (Nov 2017). It was minor at the time and I did not give it much thought. Driveway was professionally sealed.

Pitting has not stopped since Nov. 2017. At least once a week a must sweep driveway from more pitting and pealing so concrete "chips" are not tracked into home or garage. KHov rep.

came to my home in Mid March of 2018. I also contacted concrete contractor located close buy who did the work. Contractor stated they would replace driveway but that I must go through Khov first. City building Director has requested KHov supply "trip ticket" showing pour date, supply company, PSI level, mix, if flyash or other additives were used that might "weaken" the concrete or violate city building code.

No other driveway poured by KHov in the past 5 years (over 75 homes built in sub-divsion) have pitted in this multi-phase development. Khov has been aware of this for 3 months now and hopefully they do the right thing and replace the driveway. Another large builder in town has completed 10-15 homes down the street. Several of these homes have apron pitting and one driveway in particular is severely pitted and "peeling".

My driveway is "failing" in a similar manner. These owners have filed a complaint with builder and city as I have. I wonder if these driveways had the same concrete supplier as I did???? I would like to think that home builders will honor their commitment to quality workmanship/materials.

I think they will as Ryan Homes has an excellent reputation. KHov does too!!!!. I will provide a further updates soon.

I do not want to post photos at this time to protect confidentiality of those involved....but my report is accurate. This is the second home I have built in this city which I respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Khovnanian Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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