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We were told that we'd have a water manifold system which was important to us. Instead we have 1 water line feeding the whole house.

My master bathroom tubs water lines starting leaking & water ran across my garage ceiling causing water damage. I had to shut the water off to the whole house because they didn't install a shut off valve to the tub either. (they did come out and fix that). We found out that we have different sized water lines which causes loss of water pressure at times especially when the dishwasher is running.

The ceiling light in the basement fell out because it wasn't fastened to anything and the only thing holding it up was the insulation. Our floor squeaks like crazy. When they came out to fix it the repairman told us that the floor wasn't even fastened down. He couldn't fix it completely but in the process of fixing our floors he had to pull the carpeting back, now my carpet has pulled away from the metal strip and we have nice sharp little spikes that stab our feet.

Oh, and our floors are hooved up in spots. The downstairs bathroom wall is not straight. The main bath door upstairs won't latch unless you pull up really hard on it (even after they tried to fix that). They "forgot" to run duct work to the bedroom downstairs so after drilling numerous holes in my ceiling they decided to put a piece of wood in the vent hole in the room directly above it to close off one of it's vents and tapped into it to add a vent to the room downstairs.

Now neither room stays very warm in the winter. When they put the dry wall in they covered up the water line to our outside spigot so I now have a blue water line hanging down from my laundry room ceiling. Which by the way did leak one time, shorted out the freezer that I had in there at the time. I lost all the frozen stuff I had in it and the freezer.

You can see daylight where the block wall and the wood walls meet in the garage. Our concrete stoop started disintegrating with a year. I put a rubber mat on it to help protect it. After birds kept getting into our furnace we called a independent furnace co.

they happened to notice that our furnace lines were the temporary lines and the shut off valve was in the furnace which was a major fire hazard. K. Hov did fix that issue, but it shouldn't have been left that way for a year. We have a window that is extremely hard to open.

The bathroom downstairs ceiling isn't 8' it's not even 7' which is a problem because both of my sons are 6'6", not much headroom.

After waiting 23 years to build a home and the high reviews of several friends I am so beyond heartbroken. I would never build with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Khovnanian Homes House Construction.

Location: Placerville, California

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What did you do, buy a new home sight unseen with no inspection by you? When you remodel or build/buy a new home, you always, always need to thoroughly check and inspect every aspect of the home in order to find where the builder or his sub contractors hid their errors or laziness.

I have had three homes built for me by reputable contractors and in each one I had to have things fixed, replaced or inserted because either the builder or the other company he hired to do the plumbing, electrical, etc. took short cuts or did just plain bad work. We caught most, but there were always some that lurked in the hidden recesses of the home until suddenly appearing months or years later like a bad relative.

You should be complaining to the builder depending on when you bought the home.

He is responsible for failures for a period of time after you buy the home but you would have to check to find out what your state does.

Good luck. Join the home owners club.

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