I purchased a home in Northern California, it was new construction, had the house inspected before I purchased and the report came back with just minor issues that were repaired. The first year the heater failed twice.

Both times the vendor that Khovnanian hired were poorly trained and had difficulty repairing the heater. By the time summer came around the air conditioning unit failed, this time I had to call a repairman out to fix since Khovnanian did not respond to the repair order for two months. What the hvac and electrician found was the AC , heater and dryer were wired incorrectly causing the failures. Khovnanian response was the house was wired correctly and there was not an issue.

The second year the house began showing structural issues, the front door would not open, a crack started in the garage, into the house, through the living and dining room and up the east side dining room wall. Khovnanian did come out and planed down the front door in order for the door to operate correctly. During the winter the roof began to have water leaks and the water was pooling inside the walls. I had hire a roofer to repair the roof and the reason for the leaks was the roof felt was cut short, and flashing was missing were flashing should have been.

The third , fourth and fifth year things were not much better, I had been chasing and repairing roof leaks, the crack in the foundation had gotten worse to the point the vaulted ceiling in the living room and dining room was cracking, the upgraded cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms which were suppose to be solid wood cabinets were actually a thin vanier and were exposing the particle board or just peeling off. The PEX water lines were leaking in the subfloor and the roof had a serious leak that required replacement of most of the roof and mold abatement.

I ended up selling the house as a fixer upper and sold it for $120K less than I paid for It! I will never purchase a new or existing Khovnanian home!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Khovnanian Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I had the same experience with a brand new Ryan home. I had numerous HVAC breakdowns and leaks that I ended up selling the home at a big loss.

I was relieved though to get away from that nightmare. Since their warranty was only a year, I spent quite a lot of money on contractors just fixing leaks, HVAC system, Appliances replaced as repairs were more costly than the appliance. Mind you that the refrigerator, compressor went bad and the dishwasher, motor burned out, occurred 14 months after buying a brand new home. The leaks and HVAC repairs occurred throughout my 4 year ownership except that Ryan only handled those, improperly fixed, for the first year.

After that it was all out of pocket. This is not to mention the other repairs due to shoddy workmanship that had to be fixed during the warranty period. I spent my first year having numerous repairs fixing one issue after another. I felt as if I had bought a brand new handyman special.

The buyer was made aware of the leak issues and various HVAC repairs but felt that the deal he was getting on the home was worth the risk. He also felt that perhaps the kinks were taken out by all of the repairs I had done. Those repairs never stopped and I wish him luck. I have never ruled out ever buying a brand new home in the future.

I will just avoid any that have horrendous reviews like these.

Anyone considering buying a brand new home must read the reviews on the builder. These are not just a few isolated cases!


I feel like you just described my "new" K hovnanian home !!!! But all of this happened within 10 months

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