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We have been living in this home for only 5 years, we had a home inspection performed by a professional inspector prior to moving into the home several problems were noted and the report was passed on to the Khov warrantee department that said they had addressed the problems. We found several problems after moving into the home we found an electrical jack that we paid extra money to have installed by the builder that had romex wiring that was buried less than 4 inches the superintendent said this was to code, the national building codes and local codes said this was not to code. The builder did correct the problem to local building codes after legal action was discussed. I am thankful that the romex was not hit with a *** eater or mowere and our pets were not injured by this wire before it was put in conduit.

We had the home reinspected before the one year warrantee was up the inspector noted several problems with the home and the builder said they had been addressed.

There was the roofing felt that had been cut short and was noted in the original report that was not corrected. The electrical connection behind the panel directly under the whirlpool bath in the bath room that was sitting lose on the cement that was also noted in the original report.

The inspector noted cracks in the driveway during the first year report and there was noticeable settling in this area. The Khov warrantee department stated these were normal spider cracks. We had a civil engineer inspect the drive way and it was determined that the sewer tap under the drive way was not back filled correctly and the settling of dirt in this area had created this problem.

Khov did have there rep come out and stated we were out of our warrantee period.

We have inspection reports including pictures that were taken during the one year warrantee.

We did pay to have the problem corrected and it took on and one third yards of cushion fill dirt to bring the grade up so that our drive way was supported from underneath, I also have video including pictures of the area before the driveway was moved or repaired. and the area that had settled was more than 8 foot across on near 1 foot below the under side drive way cement..

We have an area above our front porch that does not have the brick work interlocked correctly and is cracking on that side. The crack was also noted during the last one year inspection report. This will be the next thing that will have to be redone to prevent this from falling on someone at our front door.

We have a friend across the street that had a similar problem with back fill and there sewer tap came apart.

We also have pictures of this and this problem also surfaced during the first year.

I would not not recommend Khov, I realize that they work with many contractors but once the problems surface they should correct them it is the K. Hovnanian name on the product.

We did pay an additional $60,000 in upgrades to K. Hovnanian.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #779815

Grand Prairie cove - I am considering one of their new homes in Carrollton. Would you call my cell at 972.740.4559 and leave me your name and number so I can call you back? Thank you, Chuck.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #747705

khovnanian and kham are discriminatory against the disabled. they discriminated against me and will not back up their warranty.

they paid over a million dollars in florida for building on a bombing range. they are wicked and evil and lame and GOD will pay them back for this treatment on me guaranteed.

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