Our experience with Khov has shown they lack customer service focusing on telling you to be happy with the end product and not the process. They discount your concerns during the build process with their workmanship and other items you question. After our roof shingles were installed (approximately 6 weeks) they started blowing off. The wind experienced to blow them off was moderate for the time of year. During rainstorms or winter storms in the Ohio area the winds would be much higher. The damage exposed tears in the tar paper exposing wood and was not addressed for 10 days with rain and snow occurring during the timeframe. In addition to the shingles that were blown off we were able to view shingles flapping up and down when a slight wind occurred. They were unwilling to perform a roof replacement and patched the areas that blew off. After the patch shingles showed signs of damage and a few were still turned up when the wind blew.

During the construction of our home we were given inaccurate information from our construction manager on why the water meter was moved in our house from the orginal blueprint location disrupting useable space in our finished basement. Yes, they did finally move it to the original blueprint location after extensive time from our side contacting our city engineer to discount inaccurate information given to us from the Khov construction manager and stopping draw requests for additional funds to build.

At our pre-drywall walk through all work was not completed. We paid for interior wall insulation that was not completed. We stated that to the Khov rep performing the walk though. When I contacted our construction manager informing him I would like another walk through to verify interior insulation, he stated it was completed after we left and if another walk through was required he would have to stop production as dry wall is currently being installed and it would cause a delay in our home closing date. We worked out a compromise on the phone that he could send me pictures of the insulation that I never received. In addition dry wall didn’t start until 1 week after our phone conversation, so the need to stop production delaying our home close date was not an issue as the construction manager mentioned.

Khov will also have you sign a document prior to build requesting 24 hours’ notice prior to you being onsite stating safety concerns or the want to make sure question you have can be answered. I would recommend not signing the document and asking them to provide a wavier form releasing them of any safety concerns with you being on the property. I have noticed many issues while showing up at the house unannounced. These items include cigarette butts on the interior floor, not covering heating vents with debris filling them, and workmanship items that are questionable.

As with any builder I am sure there are challenges experienced during the build process. This is the second home I have built and didn’t experience near the amount of issues with my prior builder. If you elect to build with Khov make sure you get everything in writing ( I mean everything as we don’t have a few items due to conversation with Khov staff that is not documented and the will ask you to provide documentation) and be prepared to invest extensive time from your side to monitor progress and the issues that will arise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Khovnanian Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Replace entire roof due to damage and lack of timely response with unknown issues of the roof in the future. Quality of product and workmanship to install led to the issue..

Khovnanian Homes Cons: Buyer beware.

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